Birth Poster

Personalize your Baby Poster

Birth poster of your baby on a scale of 1:1. Babydruk offers you a unique and timeless illustration poster that is adapted to your baby’s actual height at birth.

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4.6 Excellent

“Birth poster is something I wanted for so long. Both my baby’s in one frame. Since that is something I will never have! In tears when I opened the package ❤️”


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Best gift you can buy for a newborn baby.

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Design, view and enjoy your birth poster.

The size, gram, length, date & time of birth can now be completely filled in and personalized by you.

You can now completely fill in and personalize the size, gram, length, date and time during birth

You can choose from 8 different illustrations and as a background you can choose different colours and textures.

The birth poster

Make your own birth poster of your baby!

You can choose from weight, length, name, length, time. Choice of different baby illustrations designed by us. You can simply fill in the data online and you will immediately see the result.

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Birthposter vlinder baby

Unique poster of your baby

Personalize a poster for your baby?

Each drawing that leaves the door of baby printing is unique and made to measure. All details such as date of birth, name, length and even time of birth can be printed on the poster. There are no two identical ones, you can be sure of that. A unique gift for a unique event.

Personalise your baby’s poster with artist-drawn illustrations. We offer you a unique and timeless poster that contains all the details of your baby during birth. You can also order a frame. When ordering a combination of frame and poster, we will make sure that your poster is already placed in the frame. When you receive the package with the poster, all you have to do is hang it in your nursery.